Blog MiKaDiv Reporting in general

MiKaDiv Reporting - New requirements for applying for German tax certificates from 2025

Zurich, May 2024

The new notification procedure for capital income tax on dividends from shares and depositary receipts (MiKaDiv), which will be introduced on 01.01.20 ...

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Blog PR LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG implements aSpark

LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG implements aSpark

Zurich, May 2023

LGT has successfully rolled out aSpark, Confinale’s innovative and sophisticated Investment Communication Management solution, in Europe. The rollou ...

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Blog Interview LGT David Wolf

How LGT now delivers new investment ideas to clients in real time

Zurich, May 2023

More than ever, banks and financial service providers in the investment sector are faced with the challenge of offering their customers a perfect user ...

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Tax reclaim around the globe with reclaimer

reclaimer® now available on Temenos Exchange

Zurich, Jan 2022

Get money back from overpaid withholding tax with the market leading software solution reclaimer®. As of today, the reclaimer® software, which manag ...

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More Assets under Management with aSpark Blog Overview

A new way to increase assets under management

Zurich, Jan 2022

Banks offering personalised, thematic investment proposals to their clients successfully outperform the competition and generate double-digit growth r ...

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Looking into the details in compliance

Compliance Client View - the tool for optimised compliance processes in Avaloq

Zurich, Dec 2021

Do you know the problem that, for a customer analysis, you often have to compile data over several work steps and prepare the data manually? Most of t ...

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Relationship manager and happy clients in conversation for investment advice with aSpark software

New aSpark software for emotionalised and personalised investment advisory

Zurich, Oct 2021

Today's brain research proves that financial decisions are not rationally controlled, it is emotions rather that are decisive in the selection of fina ...

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As of this week: Upon demand, Swiss banks must be able to deliver IRS group-request-information within 10 days!

Zurich, Sep 2019

As a result of the latest changes to the Swiss-US double taxation treaty, IRS group requests have become a challenging reality for Swiss banks. Extrem ...

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MROS is preparing for the fight against money laundering

Zurich, Jul 2019

Suspected cases of money laundering in the Swiss financial centre must be recorded on a web portal of the relevant authority in future. For this repor ...

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eFillr - Electronic Transmission of Withholding Tax Reclaim Requests

Zurich, Jun 2019

The rapidly progressing digitisation offers financial service providers as well as administrative authorities valuable opportunities to improve effici ...

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Migration from AngularJS to Angular

Zurich, Apr 2019

In the summer of 2017, faced with Google’s announcement that it would be ending support of AngularJS, we decided to migrate our product, reclaimer® ...

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