aSpark: innovative investment communication management solution for banks and financial institutions

Customers expect personalised content that is relevant to them, always timely and delivered through their preferred channel. The increased customer expectations, changes in customer behaviour and the increasing digitalisation of the investment value chain require new ways to distribute investment content.


Banks must therefore think about various challenges :

  • How to make their investment offerings more personalized and digitalized
  • How to continue book transformation and bring more money under contract
  • How they can better leverage the capabilities of CIOs in advisory
  • How to increase the probability of advisory solutions


With aSpark®, the very critical part of the investment communication in the investment value chain can be automated and further industrialized.

Consistent and personalized investment communication on all channels and all artefacts (research, investment proposals, discretionary portfolios) is absolutely critical for success and client acceptance.

This requires a modern investment content matching, distribution and monitoring platform which allows to massively increase the scalability of the active and personalised distribution of investment content.

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Two platforms for different requirements

A wide range of capabilities

aSpark modules and their functions

Platforms at a glance

The strengths and benefits of aSpark

  • Dedicated tool for investment content matching, distribution and monitoring with many existing adapters for faster time-to-market (approx. 6 month from project start to finish).

  • Modern architecture, very high interoperability and lower production costs by reducing manual efforts.

  • Core platform and communication platform, covering different requirements.

  • Higher client experience and increased automation of the entire investment value chain.

  • Increased customer loyalty through active, relevant and highly personalized content distribution.

What our customers say about aSpark

David Wolf, Head Research Content and Publications, LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG

“The entire matching, distribution and monitoring process of market content has been massively simplified since the introduction of aSpark. Our clients benefit from an overall better user experience, as they receive our content faster, and it is much more tailored to their preferences and values. The feedback we have received so far from our clients and relationship managers is extremely positive.”

David Wolf, Head Research Content and Publications, LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG, Zürich

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