Theme-based and personalised - investment advisory with aSpark®

An important future trend in asset management is thematic investment advisory. Leading banks and investment advisors who have already implemented this trend are recording high growth rates in assets under management and are gaining new customers, especially in the highly courted segment of affluent customers.

Would you like to follow this path with your bank as well? The formula for success is to address clients personally with topics that are tailored to meet their interests. Investment proposals that arouse positive emotions will spark a response and customers are more likely convinced by the proposal. With our new software solution aSpark®, the process of selecting topics and matching investment ideas is automated and matched to the customer profile - similar to Netflix. The investment proposals are precise and personalised, which goes hand in hand with the triggering of positive client emotions.

Market developments, political decisions or new topics require fast analysis from the investment office of the bank and the development of concrete suggestions for action. With aSpark, it only takes a few mouse clicks to enter a new topic, define investment proposals, filter out all affected clients and inform them accordingly, in a fast and simple manner.


Wie das Matching bei aSpark funktioniert


If your bank is proud of the fact that personal consultations with customers are a top priority, aSpark is the ideal addition to your existing investment workflow as well. The relationship managers can use the software solution during the conversation to make suitable investment suggestions very quickly and bring a sparkle to the clients' eyes.

At the same time, aSpark allows you to monitor the success of your consultations and to know which investment topics have been well received in the individualised newsletters, campaigns, investment proposals or during the consultation and have contributed to an increase in assets under management.


aSpark matching mechanism

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Use emotions in investment advisory services

As humans, we are not as rational as we pretend to be. Brain researchers have revealed that 70% of all decisions are made unconsciously and a 100% on an emotional basis. Knowing the client's values and emotional systems is essential if you want to make an appealing investment proposal. You can group your customers into different clusters, based on their emotional system, and address them in a suitable way with the help of aSpark - on different channels.

Positive topics and comprehensible stories promote well-being. Unsuitable topics, on the other hand, can lead to the release of stress hormones in customers. With the help of aSpark, you bring the right topics during the consultation or use them in digitalised format for customer-specific mailings or other campaigns. Whether it's the climate change, new energy sources or food trend topics: Topics that resonate with personal interests arouse sparking emotions and encourage to invest.

Modules for sales success with aSpark®

Investment products / Assets

aSpark enables risk/return-optimised, legally compliant, traceable and industrialised portfolio construction. The asset allocation is adapted to the individual profile of the client. The regulatory restrictions (cross-border rules, MiFID II & FIDLEG) are automatically taken into account when selecting investment products.

Investment themes

Global events, market trends or short-term opportunities are exciting themes for your customers. Your information or marketing department provides them, adds them as a topic or story, or imports data from third parties. The themes and matching investment products are assigned to specific customer target groups, e.g. age group, domicile, AuM, hobbies, switch products.

Customer profile / Customer portfolio

Using topic matching, customer advisors quickly find suitable topics and products for selected customers. Regulatory restrictions are checked automatically. After analysing the customer book, the advisors can automatically invite customers for a consultation and convince them with these themes during the conversation.

Smart and convincing functions

Advantages of thematic investing advisory

For customers

The customer meeting turns into a positive experience and the proposals match the customer profile and the existing portfolio. This strengthens the relationship and trust with the client advisor and the bank.

For the bank

Investments in the research department and client advisors pay off. Their analyses create true added value. The bank can clearly outshine its competitors and clients are satisfied with the service provided.

For relationship managers

Simple workflows and quick filtering of themes. Inspire customers with personalised themes and explain the matching proposals in a sound and clear manner. Theme-based consultations ensure customer loyalty in the long-term.

For the CIO Office

Collaboration with the frontend is simplified and the bank's own investment strategy is easily and consistently implemented. Thanks to aSpark, your ideas reach the matching target group in the form of practical and fitting investment proposals.