ESG Sustainable Growing

ESG Switzerland - we are ready!

Zurich, Sep 2022

Sustainable investing is an increasingly important topic in investment advice, also from a regulatory perspective. The EU has taken up the issue with ...

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ESG Sustainable Growing

The award-winning implementation partner - for Avaloq ESG module

Zurich, Jan 2022

Are you ready for the new ESG regulations? Banks need to act quickly to comply with the new ESG regulations under the EU Action Plan. Rapid implementa ...

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API symbol

Accelerating digitalisation with Avaloq's Community APIs

Zurich, Nov 2021

Avaloq's Community APIs open the doors to even faster digitisation of the banking business. With Confinale, banks can efficiently integrate Avaloq's C ...

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Here’s a tip from our Confinale product factory

Zurich, Nov 2019

Have you ever had an issue with your shiny new web app not working properly on one of your customer’s systems or browsers? When we develop apps for ...

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As of this week: Upon demand, Swiss banks must be able to deliver IRS group-request-information within 10 days!

Zurich, Sep 2019

As a result of the latest changes to the Swiss-US double taxation treaty, IRS group requests have become a challenging reality for Swiss banks. Extrem ...

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MROS is preparing for the fight against money laundering

Zurich, Jul 2019

Suspected cases of money laundering in the Swiss financial centre must be recorded on a web portal of the relevant authority in future. For this repor ...

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FIDLEG - everything clear?

Zurich, Jun 2019

The Swiss Financial Service Act (FIDLEG) presents banks with new challanges. The implications are far-reaching. Are you aware of the current state of ...

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Migration from AngularJS to Angular

Zurich, Apr 2019

In the summer of 2017, faced with Google’s announcement that it would be ending support of AngularJS, we decided to migrate our product, reclaimer® ...

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