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Compliance Client View - the tool for optimised compliance processes in Avaloq

Zurich, Dec 2021

Do you know the problem that, for a customer analysis, you often have to compile data over several work steps and prepare the data manually? Most of the data required for the daily work of compliance staff is available in the core banking system Avaloq, but until now there is no standardised way to efficiently retrieve this data in a consolidated manner. With the Compliance Client View (CCV), Confinale has developed a solution for the digitalisation and standardisation of client analyses.

The relevant data is prepared, visualised and, if required, refined with filter functions. Thanks to structured data analysis and optimised visualisations, identifying and revealing compliance violations is easier and more efficient for your employees.


Benefits of the Compliance Client View

The CCV solution takes into account best practice approaches and can be easily adapted to your individual needs. The implementation of the CCV solution directly in Avaloq Core creates the basis in your bank for a standardised approach to compliance analyses thanks to uniform system parameters. These analyses, together with the possibility of presenting the results clearly, create a sound basis to make decisions on how to proceed with high-risk clients.

Save time and effort in compiling the information needed to handle a suspicious case. Focus instead on analysing the data with the help of tables and graphics especially prepared for compliance staff. With the CCV solution, physical or local file storage of investigations is a matter of the past. All analyses are documented and available at any time for reports or output documents.


Technical concept

After reviewing your existing processes and clarifying your needs, we will implement a CCV software solution adapted to your needs. The following key features are already included and form the basis for your solution:

  1. Master data and network analysis of connected persons and accounts: connections or cash flows between persons, companies and legal entities are shown with a network diagram.
  2. Analysis of transactions over the entire client history: presentation in graphs and tables with dynamic showing/hiding of transaction groups.
  3. Portfolio analysis incl. history: graphical overview of the entire stock trade or individual titles, e.g. for the analysis of insider trades.
  4. Storage of the performed analysis in Avaloq for documentation.
  5. Classification and reporting of analyses at bank level.
  6. Standardized output to management and/or authorities.
  7. Fully integrated gateway to the Confinale goAML reporting solution in the event of an irregularity.


Key features of the Compliance Client View

Key features Compliance Client View


You want a new view on compliance violations?

Contact us if your bank needs help on the way to digitalising compliance processes! Our compliance experts will be happy to inform you in detail about the new Compliance Client View solution. Our contact details are not a secret, just email or call!

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