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As of this week: Upon demand, Swiss banks must be able to deliver IRS group-request-information within 10 days!

Zurich, Sep 2019

As a result of the latest changes to the Swiss-US double taxation treaty, IRS group requests have become a challenging reality for Swiss banks. Extremly short deadlines, special technical formats and complex verifications require an efficient and secure process. In cooperation with banks, Confinale has developed the Confinale Group Request Solution (CGRS).

CGRS enables financial institutions to efficiently prepare and transmit the requested client information in a three step process.

cgrs grafik

CGRS is user-friendly and specifically tailored to the needs of the tax operation function. It is web-based and can easily be integrated with existing banking systems. Once data has been entered it is available for future enquiries and a complete audit trail is guaranteed.

Learn more about CGRS in our CGRS factsheet and on our website.

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Pascal Inauen
Head Business Development & Training

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