IT Consulting

Confinale IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting combines well-founded expertise with broad IT knowledge. From the evaluation phase to the successful completion of the project, the customer is supported by proven specialists with extensive experience: project managers, business analysts, parameterisation specialists, test supporters, training instructors.

Confinale is Avaloq's Implementation Partner for Tax, Compliance, Legal Reporting, Wealth Advisory and Lending. The vast majority of our IT consultants are certified as Avaloq Certified Professional.


Our IT consulting implements IT projects 'end-to-end' or supports our customers in certain areas of a project. According to your needs!

Business and IT combined

The combination of well-founded technical and IT know-how under one roof characterises our IT consulting approach. We concentrate on solutions and products for specialist areas in which we are familiar with the details and have extensive experience.

We get things done!

We will not only advise you but also implement it for you. Our consulting and implementation services are always comprehensive, so that your project will not only be a success on paper but also in practice.


Innovation in the banking sector takes place to a large extent through networking. The optimal integration of third-party applications and data suppliers into your core banking system is an important part of our IT consulting services.

Software Development

Confinale Software Development Services

Confinale's software development department works with a team of more than 15 highly qualified and experienced software developers to develop innovative solutions and products using the latest tools, processes and methods.

The high quality of the software is important to us. Therefore, for example, every code adaptation during integration is tested automatically.

Consulting, Conception & Architecture

In the consulting and conception phase, we take up your existing business processes, analyse them and optimize the process steps together. Digitalisation often enables such processes to be carried out more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Design, Prototyping & Development

In the design and development phase, your requirements are implemented accordingly. Thanks to our agile development process, you can continuously see the progress of the software development and can introduce any change requests early in the process.

Testing, Implementation & Acceptance

Already during the development phase your software is tested automatically. However, going live requires clearly defined acceptance. We are happy to support you in these tests and also assume responsibility for the transfer of know-how to your employees or customers.

Operation, Maintenance & Support

In the operation and maintenance phase, we ensure that you can work trouble-free. Any disturbances or further change requests can be reported via the helpdesk and be fixed or changed from our side. We are also happy to provide training for new employees or new customers.

Angular Migration

AngularJS is only supported by Google until 2021. Therefore all Angular JS applications have to be migrated to the Angular platform in the near future. Confinale's software development team has already migrated their own reclaimer® software and gained a lot of knowledge and important practical experience. We have summarized our findings in a whitepaper. Based on this, Confinale offers its customers consulting and support during the migration from AngularJS to Angular.


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