Our software products for banks

Our product family covers the needs of banks and financial service providers. We offer FinTech and RegTech products that demonstrate our deep expertise in the following business areas of the banking sector: Wealth Advisory, Tax, and Compliance.

While it is your core competence to take care of the needs of your customers, we support you with our expertise in converting the regulatory and technical requirements into software. Always with the goal of delivering highly integrated, automated, and user-friendly applications.

We standardise the solutions that are suitable for many banks and maintain them as products. This provides the following advantages for our customers: Proven functions, continuous updating, and maintenance as well as short implementation time.

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RegTech and FinTech products from Confinale

Automated withholding tax relief

Implement the end-to-end and digitised process for withholding tax relief. Automate the bureaucratic process with the user-friendly web solution, reclaimer®.

Discover reclaimer®

Compliant MiKaDiv Reporting

TaxTrail meets the requirements of the German reporting procedure for tax certificates (MiKaDiv) and simplifies the complex process of data management along the entire value chain.

Discover TaxTrail

Personalise and distribute investment content

Improve the customer experience with highly personalised content and reduce your manual effort in creating, distributing and monitoring appropriate investment content.

Discover aSpark

FATCA group requests

Efficiently transmit the information required for group requests from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA).

Discover Group Request Reporting

Why some of our products become the Avaloq standard

We quickly and competently find an integrated solution to new regulatory requirements or new customer needs. This is what our customers value us for and with them the Avaloq Community. Our Avaloq professionals have already solved and implemented two challenges so precisely and quickly that these solutions are now offered as the Avaloq standard reference customisation.

Combating Money Laundering

Submit suspicious activity reports electronically in goAML format to the money laundering reporting office. Try our standard solution; in just a few steps, directly from Avaloq.

Discover Money Laundering Reporting

International tax reporting

Create country-specific tax statements at the push of a button. The leading solution "Client Tax Reporting" for banks is fully integrated in Avaloq.

Discover Client Tax Reporting

Analyse compliance irregularities more easily

Compliance Client View (CCV) is the solution for the digitalisation and standardisation of client analyses to quickly and easily detect compliance breaches.

Discover Compliance Client View

Is the product you are looking for not included? Contact our "Product Factory" and we will work with you to determine whether the development of a customised software is worthwhile.