Confinale Tax Products

Constantly changing tax regulations, tax-related reporting obligations and the increasing need to take tax rules into account in the investment process and for communication with customers pose major challenges for banks' tax operations teams. Using automated solutions, these tasks can be handled efficiently and in compliance with the law.


Our innovative software enables banks to offer their customers an efficient and highly automated withholding tax reclaim service for withholding taxes on investment income.

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Client Tax Reporting

Our client tax reporting produces high-quality tax statements for all major countries. The product is fully integrated into Avaloq. Tax statements can be produced at any time at the touch of a button.

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1042-S QI-Reporting

Correctly formatted electronic 1042-S files easily produced using Avaloq File-Report.

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Section 871(m) Withholding and Reporting

3-part Avaloq solution package for complying with the 871(m) regulations.

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eTax statement

With the new eCH-0196 standard, banks can create electronic tax statements directly from Avaloq.

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Confinale Compliance Products

The automation of compliance tasks and processes has become an integral part of banking transactions. Over the past few years, Confinale has developed into one of the leading providers of RegTech solutions for banks. The experience gained from our various compliance projects enables us to quickly identify problems and dependencies and efficiently implement our product-based solutions.

CGRS for FATCA Group Requests

Our solution enables the financial institutions concerned to prepare the information required for group requests efficiently and in accordance with SEI specifications in three steps and transmit it to the FTA.

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Reporting to the Swiss Money Laundering Reporting Office (MROS) in just a few steps directly from Avaloq.

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FIDLEG will have an effect on the core processes of investment advice and asset management at banks when it will be introduced in 2019 or 2020. Confinale offers a comprehensive service package for the implementation of IT-relevant FIDLEG requirements by Avaloq banks.

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MiFID II has an impact on almost the entire value chain of a bank. Confinale offers a comprehensive service package for the implementation of IT-relevant requirements by Avaloq banks.

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GDPR Data Wiping

We use the Personal Data Wiping (PDW) Framework provided by Avaloq for the automated deletion of personal data in accordance with GDPR and adapt it to your specific needs.

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CRS und FATCA Process Management

Add-on as a supplement to the Avaloq Common-Reporting-Standard module and the Avaloq FATCA solution. Guided, predefined and partly combined processes for the accomplishment of all tasks and satisfaction of obligations resulting from the CRS/AIA or FATCA.

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Wealth Management

Confinale Wealth Management Products

Digitalisation also contributes significantly to the further development of customer wealth advisory services and enables banks to offer and operate an attractive, legally compliant and individual investment advisory process. We support banks in the integration and introduction of a CRM system, as well as in the introduction of bank-specific end-to-end investment advisory processes, from risk profiling and needs analysis to the preparation of a legally compliant investment proposal, portfolio monitoring and scenario analysis.


Bank-specific investment advisory process end-to-end and already implemented for many customers.

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CRM Integration

Integration and customization of CRM systems, everything from one source.

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Credit Transactions

Confinale Credit Products

The credit landscape has changed fundamentally in recent years and will continue to develop strongly. The credit departments of banks are forced to adapt to these developments by introducing new concepts, processes and applications and integrating Fintech solutions into their product range. Confinale has positioned itself in this area and supports banks in optimising their lending business.

Credit Portal

The online credit portal allows customers to process all verifications and documents for a credit application online.

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