Client Tax Reporting: International tax reporting for bank customers

Country-specific tax reports for bank customers play an increasingly important role in the services offered by a bank. Our tax reporting solution "Client Tax Reporting" is the only solution on the market that is fully integrated into the Avaloq Core banking platform.

The automatically generated tax statements are produced in accordance with the tax regulations of the customer's country of residence and contain all relevant information, such as income, profits and losses and asset holdings, in the appropriate format for the respective country. This greatly simplifies the transfer of the information into the tax return. Depending on the requirements of the country of residence, the tax statements can be prepared annually and/or monthly. Available on customer request, ad hoc at the push of a button.

Thanks to its integration with Avaloq, our solution is unique in terms of usability, quality, features and audit trail.

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Our offer: Tax expertise included

Acquiring the necessary tax expertise for various countries and ongoing monitoring are costly exercises. Thanks to our close cooperation with PwC, you can concentrate fully on your core business. We provide tax regulations and update them on an ongoing basis.

Which banks benefit?

All Avaloq banks with foreign private clients. Currently, our "Client Tax Reporting" product covers the following client countries as standard: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and generic. Others are being added on an ongoing basis.

What are the benefits of full integration in Avaloq?

Our "Client Tax Reporting" product uses the available and established Avaloq modules (On-Shore Tax Engines and Capital Gain Engine) and extends them with Confinale reference customisation. The advantages of this full integration are obvious:

  • Create tax statements ad-hoc at the push of a button
  • View unrealised capital gains and losses
  • Use existing communication channels of the output management system
  • Track the handling of each individual transaction live in the system
  • No maintenance-intensive interfaces with third-party applications
  • Guarantee of the best possible data security thanks to in-bank operation
  • View full audit trail from start to finish