Tax requirements digitised

Constantly implementing new tax regulations, meeting the increasing demands of tax reporting and offering new and attractive tax services to clients are major challenges for banks.

At Confinale, we understand the complex tax requirements and provide answers. For example, during the onboarding of new banking or investment clients, how you can set the course in order to execute tax processes in the future in a legally compliant, lean and fully automated manner. Fully integrated into your IT landscape, of course.

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Experienced tax-solution partner

Ever since our foundation, we have been a specialised Avaloq service partner for taxation, one of the most demanding areas in the banking sector. We implement your individual banking and country-specific requirements, including tax reporting in accordance with national and international regulations, tax statements for bank clients, and automated withholding tax relief.

We combine our deep tax expertise with our technical knowledge to offer our clients solutions that are compliant, transparent and integrated into their banking systems.

Our expertise: The entire tax lifecycle

Tax compliant customer onboarding

Even during the onboarding of new customers, the course for downstream, automated processes can be set correctly. Depending on residence and nationality, different types of taxation apply, different tax statements, different tax reports and other relief processes are required. A correctly and neatly structured onboarding process ensures maximum legal certainty and automation right from the start.

Country specific taxation

Report capital gains tax or not? Which countries have double taxation agreements and what percentage applies? We converted the regulations of individual countries into smart software solutions. Our "Client Tax Reporting" product is the reference customisation for Avaloq.

Customised tax statements

Complex sets of rules have to be set in motion so that client tax statements can be produced for different countries. Where is the customer liable for tax? Where does the income come from? What kind of income is it exactly? How is the taxation of income and assets in the country of domicile regulated? Swiss taxpayers are even served with barcodes, which enable automated completion of the tax return.

Exchange of tax data

Numerous banks rely on our expertise in determining which data, under which conditions and in which format, must be transmitted to foreign tax authorities. We understand the tax reporting regimes such as Common Reporting Standard (CRS) or FATCA, QI/1042-S, 871(m) and DTA group requests that govern the cross-border exchange of tax data.

International withholding tax relief

Withholding taxes on dividends, interest and fund income reduce the return on capital; recovering or reducing them at source increases the after-tax performance of client portfolios. We know all about how the factors client domicile, client type, market and type of income affect the respective relief process and offer reclaimer®, the leading solution in Europe.

Monitoring of customers

Your customers live, work and change. They reorient themselves and develop further. As a bank, you want to accompany your clients through these developments. What are the effects of a move? Which questions need to be clarified and which documents need to be requested anew? Are all of the customer's positions still compliant or does the bank have to act? What has to be monitored and to comply with which law? We at Confinale know the answers and are happy to help you develop suitable processes and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure.

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