Future-proof compliance

Ensuring and monitoring compliance with regulations and laws in a dynamically changing environment is becoming the greatest challenge for legal and compliance officers in banks. Instructions and training courses do not go far enough to meet the complex regulatory requirements.

Future-proof compliance solutions are digitised, fully integrated and interwoven in the everyday life of specialist and business departments. These solutions simplify workflows, reduce errors and increase efficiency. To achieve this, they must be one thing above all: user-friendly. The increasing number of rules is already considered a hindrance in customer meeting - a distraction from the essentials. The additional regulatory task must not become a tedious time-consuming task.

Supporting our customers in the digitisation of compliance requirements is one of our core competencies. Compliance Officers, Tax Managers, Wealth Advisors and CFOs rely on our expertise in digitising processes and integrating them into core banking systems.

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Understanding and digitising compliance processes

Automated investor protection

Legally compliant new customer onboarding or investment advice according to FIDLEG and MiFID II are no longer conceivable without digitisation. Isolated solutions are susceptible and laborious - great efficiency gains are achieved with fully integrated processes. We are the official partner of Avaloq for the implementation of Swiss and European investor protection. Talk to us.

Comply with FIDLEG and MiFID II

Efficient information exchange

The cross-border exchange of tax data with the USA and other countries is highly regulated and formalised. We support compliance officers in finding an integrated solution for every information exchange. In this way, the requirements can be met on time and correctly.

Comply with the CRS and FATCA

Data protection in compliance with the law

The General Data Protection Regulation has been in force since 2018 and lays down uniform rules for the protection of personal data in EU member states. All companies that store and process personal data of EU customers are affected - including companies based outside the EU. We support banks in the digital implementation of the requirements.

Digitise GDPR

Innovative compliance products

Confinale has become a leading provider of RegTech solutions for banks, including two tried and tested software products.