Compliance Client View : Analyse compliance irregularities more easily

For compliance analyses, the required client data often has to be collected in several steps, followed by manual processing and analysing. Although most of the required data that compliance staff need is available in the core banking system Avaloq, there is no standardised way to retrieve this data in a consolidated and efficient manner, nor are there any uniform processes.

Compliance Client View (CCV) is the solution for the digitalisation and standardisation of client analyses. The relevant data is prepared, visualised and can be refined with filter functions if required. Thanks to structured data analysis and optimised visualisations, identifying, verifying and documenting compliance violations becomes simple and efficient.

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Compliance Client View - a flexible and comprehensive solution

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Simple and fast integration, directly in Avaloq

Thanks to the complete integration in Avaloq, Compliance Client View can be easily and quickly integrated into existing systems. This means that you have access to all data of the core banking system immediately after going live. Existing reports can also be integrated and displayed in the product immediately (e.g. display of KYT hits, assessments from the KYC profile, etc.).

Efficient processing of suspected compliance cases

Save time and effort in gathering data to process a suspicious case. Instead, concentrate on evaluating the data with the help of tables and graphics specifically prepared for compliance staff. Thanks to structured data analysis, standardised processes and optimised visualisations, the quality and efficiency of detecting, highlighting and documenting compliance violations is increased.

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Documentation of all analyses

With the CCV solution, physical or local file storage of clarifications is a thing of the past. All analyses are digitally documented and securely integrated into the compliance client history. This means that even cross-team clarifications can be viewed directly on the client and evaluations at bank level can be carried out with one click. With the output module, all case analyses can be easily transferred into various Word templates.

Clear basis for decision-making with risky clients

The standardised procedure for preparing analyses and the associated clear display of the results provide a solid basis for decisions on how to proceed with risky clients.

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Individual adaptations to client needs

Compliance Client View takes into account best practice approaches and thus already covers a large part of the requirements relevant in the compliance environment. However, thanks to the high flexibility of the solution, the product can also be adapted to your individual needs at any time.

Take time-consuming work off the hands of internal IT

With the additional offer for maintenance and further development, you can leave the responsibility for support and enhancements of CCV to us - we take care of bug fixing and support as well as release upgrades.

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Actively shape your product

Customer requirements evolve - just like Compliance Client View. We are constantly expanding CCV and integrating your product ideas. With the optional maintenance and further development module, you are automatically a member of the CCV community and can actively shape your product.

Full flexibility thanks to modular structure

Compliance Client View has a modular structure. The Basis Module contains the central functions for the daily work of compliance staff. The additional modules Security and Output cover further specific use cases.

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