Why Avaloq implementations succeed with Confinale

Since we set up Confinale, we have focused on IT solutions for banks and the digitisation of their processes. The Avaloq Banking Suite is the core of our consulting services. Today, as a Premium Implementation Partner in the Avaloq Community, we set the standard in the 5 areas of Wealth Advisory, Tax, Compliance, Regulatory Reporting and Credit Business. We are delighted and honoured to be named Avaloq Project Partner of the Year 2019 and Avaloq Implementation Partner of the Year 2020 and 2021 - but above all, it is a reward for our continuous investment in building and expanding our Avaloq expertise.

Today, our clients in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the UK have over 50 certified Avaloq professionals at their disposal – with new Avaloq launches, the implementation of new Avaloq modules in our specialist business areas, the use of existing Avaloq modules to meet new requirements or the integration of third-party systems with Avaloq via APIs. May we also prove our commitment and quality in your project?

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Andreas Egli Confinale Partner

Andreas Egli
Head IT Consulting

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Customised Avaloq implementation

Standardised in the core, adapted to your needs. Every financial institution has specific requirements, which we take into account when implementing Avaloq Core. These adaptations also determine whether users accept or reject the system.


Customised in 4 steps

Our approach has proven itself for tailor-made solutions:

  1. Consulting: Our technical experts provide support in determining requirements, digitising processes and implementing local regulatory requirements - all while taking into account the modules and solutions developed by Avaloq.
  2. Implementation & Customisation: We integrate Avaloq modules and compliment them with our parameterisation solutions to meet your individual needs.
  3. Integration of applications: For specific tasks in our specialist business areas, we integrate your preferred third-party applications, our own products or develop individual software on your behalf.
  4. Operation: If desired, we will take over the operation and maintenance of the Avaloq solutions we have implemented.

Our offer

We are the leading Avaloq implementation partner in the areas of Wealth Advisory, Tax, Compliance, Regulatory Reporting and Credit Business. We cover the entire range of services, from the parameterisation of the Avaloq Banking Suite to the implementation and integration of third-party applications.

Our customers value us for our precise and rapid problem solving and implementation expertise. The Avaloq Community also appreciates us for these qualities. Two of our solutions are reference customisations: Client Tax Reporting and Money Laundering Reporting.

Which Avaloq challenge can we solve for you?