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A new way to increase assets under management

Zurich, Jan 2022

Banks offering personalised, thematic investment proposals to their clients successfully outperform the competition and generate double-digit growth rates in assets under management (AUM). Targeted positioning of the right investment themes and triggering positive customer emotions sparks the customer's interest and results in investment.  How does a bank identify the investment preferences of its clients and apply this knowledge to theme-based investment proposals?

To solve this complex task, know-how from many departments is needed. Starting with the analysts in the Chief Investment Office, providing the right investment products based on actual topics, marketing and sales knowledge, regulatory aspects, and investment advisory services to provide personalised investment proposals to the client. aSpark® is a smart, comprehensive software solution that processes the relevant information from these different areas in a centralised manner. This enables the bank to provide individualised investment advice to a large number of customers in order to trigger the right buying impulses in clients through positive emotions.


Discover the value of the aSpark® solution

Our Wealth Advisory Consultants have noticed repeatedly a missing component for optimal digitalisation of the investment advisory process. This led to the development of our aSpark® software solution, which can be used with any system landscape in use at the bank. Using aSpark®, you can connect and digitalise your wealth management processes across departments. Your Chief Investment Officer will love aSpark® because investment themes and the house view are easily converted into portfolio adjustments. The relationship managers will be delighted using aSpark® because it makes their work so much easier. Marketing will benefit from the possibility to implement campaigns easily and the bank will benefit from having more satisfied customers.


10 Steps to personalised, thematic investment

To approach this change management process properly, it is important to shed light on all steps of the theoretical background leading to decision making and the desire to invest.

  1. Understand the brain and human emotions.
  2. Categorise emotions related to different customer types.
  3. Classify financial behaviour of customers (customer preferences).
  4. Add customer preferences to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  5. Define house view, themes, and focus points of the bank by the CIO office.
  6. Create or import stories.
  7. Use aSpark® to create personalised, thematic investment proposals considering the house view.
  8. Send personalised, thematic investment campaigns via all distribution channels (mail, e-mail, web banking, etc.).
  9. Run advisory meetings with personalised themes to deepen the content by relationship manager.
  10. Monitor success across all levels by CIO / marketing / relationship manager.


10 Steps to Success with aSpark®

10 steps to success with aSpark


Is "thematic investing" a topic for you?

The digitalisation of wealth advisory processes requires an analysis of the existing processes with a cross-divisional team jointly with our wealth management experts. Thereafter, we adapt aSpark® accordingly to the specific needs and processes of your bank. If you want to know more right away, watch our webinar recording  "How to emotionalize and personalise investment advice" (available only in German). Follow us on LinkedIn, there we will explain the individual steps to you in detail. Contact us! We would be happy to present to you during a personal live demo on how to optimise the wealth advisory processes in your bank with the help of aSpark®.

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