Technological change in the credit business

The credit landscape is in transformation. The increasing standardisation of credit products and the growing number of digital distribution channels is making access easier for borrowers as offers become more comparable and new players enter the market. However, this is increasing pressure on banks' credit departments to reinvent the value chain. New advisory concepts, more efficient handling processes and smarter applications are needed to meet these challenges.

In the future, every phase of the credit life cycle, from advisory services to follow-up financing, will be analysed, optimised and digitised. We would be pleased to support you with our well-founded expertise in the credit business and to cast your bank-specific process into software.

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Digitise the credit business

The digitisation of credit business is not trivial. The credit process is extensive and must always comply with the regulatory requirements of the respective country. There is a great dependence on a large number of peripheral systems and data suppliers. In sales, for example, it is the credit assessment or real estate valuation that must be connected via interfaces.

Why the digital solution is convincing

Faster response time

The more digital the process, the better it can be automated. The acceleration of the processing up to the offer of credit is just one positive effect that arises from our solution.

Customised implementation

Every bank has its own individual business process. Our credo is to adapt the Avaloq platform to the specifics of the bank and not, conversely, to subordinate the banking processes to the system.

Easy to use

Together with bank employees, we develop solutions that are understandable and easy to use. This ensures employees will enjoy using these solutions and be able to master their daily business.

Attractive frontend

The more interactive the frontend, the easier it is to integrate bank employees and customers into the value chain via web or portal solutions in self-service.

Our service

We transform your complex transactions and procedures into digital processes. As a leading implementation partner of Avaloq, we support your credit department from the initial specification to the operation of your solution:

  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Requirements engineering
  • Implementation within your IT landscape
  • Parameterisation of the Avaloq modules
  • Networking with third-party systems
  • Operation, maintenance and updates
  • Training of bank employees

Well-founded technical expertise

How credit products and the procedures of credit processing have to be set up - our credit business experts contribute this expertise in numerous projects for retail banks and cantonal banks.

Project implementation on schedule

Whether it's a minor optimisation of your existing credit process or the introduction of a new credit solution as part of a replacement of the overall banking system: your project is our top priority. Thanks to our many years of experience and certified project management, we achieve the goals we set ourselves.

Cooperative approach

Your credit team is our partner. We act as a link between IT and the business to develop a high-performance and appropriate solution. In the project, we transfer expertise to your team - and empower them to take it to the next level.