eTaxStatement implementation in Avaloq

Make it easier for your customers to fill out their tax returns. The eTaxStatement is the digital version of the Swiss tax statement that banks used to provide to their investment clients (usually in paper form) - often as a paid service.

The e-government standard eCH-0196 serves the Swiss cantons as the basis for the "eTaxStatement". A barcode is used as a uniform, digital format to represent the Swiss tax register. All items relevant for the tax return are listed. Thanks to barcodes, the declaration of assets and income and their assessment can now be made without media discontinuity.

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How is the eTaxStatement transmitted?

  1. As a bank, you provide your customers with the eTaxStatement in e-Banking.
  2. Your customers download the eTaxStatement in e-Banking and import the file into the cantonal declaration software.
  3. The declaration software reads the barcode and transfers the content to the taxpayer's respective sections. At the same time, an automatic comparison with the current list of rates of the FTA is carried out.

What are the advantages of the eTaxStatement

  • A simple upload or scanning of the barcode replaces the laborious process of typing in the data for bank customers.
  • No typing errors during data entry, the error rate is minimised.
  • Standardisation reduces customer queries.
  • Subsequent adjustments of tax values are automated by the declaration software.
  • With the eTaxStatement you offer your customers significant added value!

How is the eTaxStatement generated in Avaloq?

The eCH-0196 standard defines the structure and content of the XML file for the electronic tax statement. The Avaloq model database contains a basic setup of XSD/XML examples for the eTaxStatement. The Swiss tax directory is mapped to the file structure of the eTaxStatement.

A PDF417 converter is used to transform the structured data into a barcode. This converter is already part of most output management systems (OMS). This barcode is merged with the existing Swiss tax directory in your OMS and enriched with CODE128 to ensure consistency.

Afterwards, the document is ready to be sent to your customers or uploaded to their e-Banking.

The core element: The SSK release

As part of an eTaxStatement implementation project, the testing phase is an important core element. Here, the barcode is tested in interaction with the cantonal declaration software. At the end of the project, an approval from the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK) is obtained and the solution is put into operation.

Successful implementation with Confinale

As a leading Avaloq Consulting & Implementation Partner for Tax, we offer you an experienced team, the necessary professional and technical expertise, as well as knowledge of the best practices in the preparation of the eTaxStatement.

We ensure the solution fits perfectly and is integrated into your existing IT system.