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Here’s a tip from our Confinale product factory

Zurich, Nov 2019

Have you ever had an issue with your shiny new web app not working properly on one of your customer’s systems or browsers?

When we develop apps for our customers, one of the biggest challenges we face is making sure that they work properly on a variety of systems and browsers. Programming an app for Windows is challenging enough. If you also need the app to work properly on Linux and Mac, you’re probably in for a few headaches. And if you need your app to run smoothly on any browser, this challenge can become a tedious chore.

Confinale uses the cross-platform open source software Electron to avoid these issues. This software greatly simplifies the process of developing an app. Electron makes it easy to package web apps in Mac, Windows and Linux desktop applications.

Interested in how it works? Electron provides a runtime for creating applications in JavaScript. The framework looks for the main file defined in package.json and executes it. The main file creates a window consisting of rendered websites of the operating system.

Electron comes packaged with specific versions of Chromium and Node.js, so we don’t need to worry about which browser our end user wants to use. This avoids a lot of frustration when developing applications for the banking sector, which frequently uses relatively old versions of browsers.

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