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Accelerating digitalisation with Avaloq's Community APIs

Zurich, Nov 2021

Avaloq's Community APIs open the doors to even faster digitisation of the banking business. With Confinale, banks can efficiently integrate Avaloq's Community APIs (CAPI) into their existing system landscape and thus increase their speed in introducing new digital customer offerings. Confinale is the leading partner for CAPI in the Avaloq community.

Success in banking is increasingly determined by digital, easy-to-use, and attractive offerings for bank customers. In order to be able to introduce these new offerings as fast as possible, not all of them have to be developed by the bank itself. Integrating exciting and innovative third-party solutions, including those from fintech, wealth-tech, reg-tech and tax-tech companies, or mobile banking and e-banking solutions, into the existing system landscape is a smart approach. The prerequisite to achieving this is to open up the core banking system and to provide an efficient, high-performance interface to the external solution.

CAPI, an open, bi-directional interface system from Avaloq, provides the basis for precisely these requirements. An upstream layer between third-party software and the core banking system enables flexible interface customisation. The data from the core banking system is stored redundantly and is available independently of the core banking system with identical access authorisations. In addition, to read access, CAPI also provides write access to the core banking system. As a result, third-party applications can handle critical business processes and the core banking system takes over the central role of data management throughout the entire bank. Programme adaptations and functional tests are significantly reduced. Access rates to the Avaloq core are reduced thanks to this layer, which improves system stability and performance. As the services of Community APIs are operated within an Openshift cluster, this enables greater scalability and easier adaptation for new connections. Rapid, secure product launches, increased flexibility, and agility, plus an unlimited number of users; these are the unbeatable advantages of CAPI.


Community APIs functioning principle


Confinale is the leading implementation partner for Avaloq’s CAPIs. Our experienced IT architects, software developers (front-end/ back-end/ full stack), and Avaloq specialists are well-versed in Avaloq's CAPI technology and are already supporting numerous national and international banks in a wide range of CAPI projects. Based on this extensive CAPI project experience, we have developed a standardised "best practice" process for the efficient and goal-oriented introduction of CAPI technology in combination with the corresponding peripheral systems. Would you like to know how to introduce new banking solutions quickly in your bank? We would be pleased to present our "Best Practice Solution" to you. Our specialists will be happy to show you in a personal consultation how easy it is to connect third-party applications to your core banking system with CAPI.

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