Employee Profile

Ben Koch

Manager, MSc. Mechanical engineering ETH

Why did you choose Confinale?

I heard about Confinale for the first time at the Polymesse of ETH Zurich. Instead of a flyer with a reference to a website, I became involved in a very interesting and personal conversation. In the following meetings, I had the feeling that I could make a difference here myself, which motivated me to become a part of this company and part of a success story.

Can you apply the knowledge you have learned at university to your job?   

As a trained mechanical engineer, I have only been able to use my specialist knowledge to a limited extent up to now. However, in addition to the basic IT knowledge I acquired at university, the skills to tackle new problems and challenges independently and solve them pragmatically and creatively are very helpful for my work.

What is very important to you in life?

Basically, an interesting life is important to me. In the context of my profession this means for me variety, acquiring new knowledge and no stagnation. My environment is just as important to me, i.e. a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, as well as interesting colleagues with whom I also enjoy doing something after work.