Employee Profile

Alex Maier

Consultant, Dr. of Science Mathematics ETH

Why would you recommend Confinale as an employer?   

Confinale supports its customers in mastering the challenges of the future. This includes a pioneering role in new regulatory issues such as MiFID II and the promotion and use of suitable new software solutions. This requires analysing existing processes and considering how to adapt them or integrate them into new systems. In addition, it is possible to help improve existing processes and advance digitization with the aim of taking the necessary regulations into account while at the same time making the process as user-friendly as possible and also beneficial to the end customer.

What was the most exciting project so far?

I am currently working on a pilot project for a customer in which two large software manufacturers are developing new modules that have to work together. On the one hand, there is the core banking system, in which various regulatory requirements are implemented using complex logic. Since this logic is hidden very deep inside, a check and adaptation of this logic is associated with greater effort. On the other hand, there is a tool that can visualize business processes and the associated decisions. The aim of the project is to prepare the logic of the core banking system in such a way that it can be visualized, tested and maintained in the visualization tool.

What is very important to you in life?

Always being confronted with new challenges. That's why music is so important to me. On the one hand playing the piano, improvising and singing in challenging ensembles. On the other hand, in ballroom dancing, where every dance is completely different.