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A plus in challenge and solidarity

Zurich, May 2019

After studying ethics in information technology and electro-engineering as well as spending a number of years in research, Dr. Goran Lovric decided to join Confinale. In this interview the 33-year-old father of two twins tells us about his experience as he moved across to the banking world as a business analyst.

Dr. Goran Lovric, Consultant Confinale

Goran Lovric, why did you choose our company?
Besides the other offers I considered, Confinale allowed me to see how exciting it would be working in the dynamic and growing arena of IT consulting, development and implementation for financial institutions. At the same time, the people I met during the application process seemed so nice and positive. It was also significant for me that great value is attached to the workforce and that the work-life balance was a high priority. I am a family man and a father of small twins, and now I can manage my own working hours thanks to the flexibility at Confinale. I really do value that.

Tell us about your experience when you started at Confinale
The beginning was enjoyable and interesting. People made me feel very welcome. The working environment is relaxed and cooperative, and I was glad that I soon felt part of the team. I was also assigned a "godfather" who gave me a lot of support, especially with the Avaloq intensive course.
The interesting thing was that I was allowed to work on a project straight away, and put into practice what I had learned from the Avaloq intensive course. The flat hierarchies are also important to me personally. I can talk to managers in a direct and easy way, which means that questions and concerns can be dealt with very quickly.
Confinale also holds various employee events. I was lucky because there was a skiing weekend in Scuol when I had just started in the new job. This gave me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues better. The atmosphere was very friendly and I was able to learn a lot about my colleagues, which gave me confidence that I made the right decision. The weekend was also the first time I ever did a longer ski tour. Also, my colleagues went out of their way to support me as I was a beginner. All this made the experience very special.

How do you rate the training concept?
I was amazed to see how broad the training is. In addition to the one-month Avaloq intensive course which takes place in Zurich, Edinburgh or Manila, there are various specialist banking courses, training in performance skills and project management. Confinale attaches great importance to personal development and further training, which take place during work time. 
The company also holds a news event every six weeks, where the latest issues, innovations and projects are announced. You can also have dinner together afterwards. The event is very informative and I see colleagues I wouldn't often run into otherwise because they work on projects at customers' premises.

What do you expect from your work?
I expect my work to be exciting, challenging and interesting. It's important to me that there is a balance between routine work and new projects and to have exciting and enriching discussions with various people.

How do you feel about working with colleagues at Confinale so far?
The atmosphere is relaxed and straightforward, and everyone is very helpful. People work as a team and a unit and people help me when I don't know something or if I need support. My colleagues take time for me and they understand my concerns. The managers are also relaxed and the internal communication has a common underlying thread. I can see that everyone has the same objective and they treat each other with genuine respect.

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