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Confinale expands further - opening of the branch in London, UK

Zurich, Jun 2021

With its new presence in London, UK, Confinale AG is even closer to its customers. Being close to customers and having country-specific banking knowledge is enormously important when implementing innovative digitalization solutions at banking institutions. With this step, Confinale ensures that banks in the UK can benefit from the services and products of Confinale more effectively from now on.

The expansion strategy of Confinale, the banking digitization specialist, continues unabated, as digital solutions have become an essential part of the banking industry. In the five offices in Zug/Zurich/Geneva (CH), Düsseldorf (DE) and now in London (UK), Confinale bank specialists, legal experts, IT architects and software engineers work together with specialist and technology partners to develop and implement the best digitalization solutions for banks for each individual case. Confinale already serves various UK clients from Switzerland and Germany. In the future, they will also be able to advise and support these customers during their exciting projects with a local team based in London.

Confinale AG, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Switzerland, is the leading, award-winning Avaloq service provider for tax, compliance, wealth advisory, regulatory reporting and the credit business. The company advises banks on digital transformation with more than 70 highly qualified employees, the vast majority of whom are Avaloq-certified specialists."

Dr. Jonas Misteli, Partner at Confinale, explains the company's expansion strategy on the island: "We are convinced that the local presence close to our customers will offer a competitive advantage in several respects. Customer service is absolutely crucial in our business, even in times of digitalization, and can only be replaced to a limited extent with the technological tools we have today. That is why we have decided to set up a local team in the UK, analogous to Germany. By 2018, we started in Germany with a 'small but mighty' team, which has grown enormously in the meantime and will continue to grow. In the UK, we are implementing the same growth strategy. "

Jonas Misteli adds: "With a local team, we can respond to specific customer requirements in an even more personal way and create real added value for our customers with our innovative solutions."

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