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Our long-standing and well-founded expertise in the field of wealth Wealth Advisory allows us to offer you a proven and individually designed investment solution based on our established best-practice approach. The key points here are the digital web-based client advisory experience, compliance with legal requirements (FIDLEG/MiFID) and proven portfolio optimisation using the swissQuant solution or sample portfolios. Furthermore, our cockpit offers the client advisor a complete and holistic portfolio overview. This in turn enables excellent portfolio and risk monitoring according to your defined service packages. In addition, our fully automated alerting supports the client advisor in prioritizing and completing his daily tasks.

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Andreas Egli
Head of IT Consulting

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360◦ Consulting

We support our clients in the implementation of an interactive client-requirements-analysis. Individual goals, opportunities and the financial situation of a clients are recorded and presented in an attractive frontend. The analysis leads to an investment strategy that matches the client's profile in the best way possible. Opportunities, risks and expected performance of the respective investment strategies are visualized, ensuring an attractive advisory experience.

Process automations

Existing and new processes in the bank can be excellently integrated and automated with our solution. Using BPMN process engines, you can design your advisory process dynamically and interactively. We would be happy to advise you on your optimization potential.

Portfolio optimisation

Our leading partnership with swissQuant allows us to efficiently integrate the swissQuant industry standard for portfolio optimization and risk monitoring. Our position as market leader in the implementation of the Avaloq Advisory Module and our expertise in the integration of the swissQuant Engine allow us to offer the complete advisory process, from profiling and portfolio optimisation to constant portfolio monitoring, as a continuous process. Thereby, regulatory requirements are fully taken into account.

Customer experience

Our solutions allow you to create individual investment proposals and customer presentations in just a few clicks. With the help of swissQuant's optimization algorithm, comprehensive information is available for advisory. In addition to automated testing of all regulatory standards, all available product information sheets are also available. This always ensures regulatory compliance. The processing time for the client advisor is drastically reduced, which results in more time for client relationship management.

Comprehensive monitoring

All portfolio information is displayed in real time in an advisor cockpit tailored to the bank's specific needs. Any anomalies are immediately visible via an alerting system. The customer can thus be informed immediately of his current risks and exposures. This optimally ensures the bank's value proposition to its customers.

Integration via WebServices

You have evaluated a third-party tool for risk profiling, we analyse the interface and connect your third-party application to your core banking system using the latest technologies such as WebServices.