Product Overview


reclaimer enables banks and BPO providers to offer a highly efficient end-to-end reclaim and relief service for withholding taxes on dividends and interest. The software installed as a web application on the bank's server automates and optimizes the calculation of reclaims, fills out forms and documents and guides the user through the entire process. Numerous banks in Switzerland and abroad already successfully use reclaimer, including SIX SIS, which uses reclaimer for its innovative Advanced Tax Reclaim Service.

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Fabian Erni
Head of Software Development

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Reduced operational risk

Due to the technical logic integrated in reclaimer, the risk of operational errors (e.g. missed deadlines, use of incorrect forms, incorrect or incomplete completion of forms, calculation errors, producing reclaims which do not cover the costs) is drastically reduced.

Higher after-tax return

The relief from withholding taxes on investment income significantly increases the after-tax return on customer portfolios.

Time and cost savings

The high automation of the process minimizes the time required for the production of a reclaim and the associated costs.

Attractive business case

The use of reclaimer enables a bank to tap into an additional source of fee income and to offer a withholding tax reclaim service for its customers efficiently and profitably.

Detailed information

For further information on reclaimer® please refer to our factsheet and to our reclaimer-website.