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Electronic control unit extract

The eCH-0196 standard defines the structure and content of the XML file for electronic tax statements. Using PDF417, the XML is additionally converted into a barcode and attached to the physical tax statement or to the PDF tax statement.

Electronic process: In the cantonal declaration software or a third-party solution such as Dr. Tax, the tax statement is uploaded in PDF format, the barcode is evaluated and the list of assets filled out automatically.

Physical process: The barcode on the tax statement in paper form is scanned into the declaration software using a hand scanner and the asset register is automatically filled out with all the position, transaction and income data.

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Fabian Erni
Head of Software Development

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Efficient data entry for end customers

Instead of the cumbersome task of typing in the security numbers and the purchases and sales, a simple upload or scanning of the data does the job.

Error minimization for end customers

Typing errors when entering the list of assets are prevented and the error rate is minimised.

Additional service by banks

Banks can offer their customers electronic tax statements as an additional service.


Further information on eTax Statements in general can be found on the eTax Statements website.