Product Overview

Client Tax Reporting

With our Client Tax Reporting product, we offer Avaloq banks the opportunity to automatically generate high-quality tax statements for their domestic and foreign customers directly out of Avaloq. The tax statements take local requirements into account and contain all the relevant information (including income, profits and losses) in line with the regulations of the respective tax domicile of the client.

Our product uses all the available and established Avaloq modules (tax engines and capital gain engine) and makes full use of their potential. This high level of integration with Avaloq enables client advisors to create tax statements at the touch of a button and to display unrealised capital gains and losses. The handling of each individual transaction for reporting can also be tracked live in the system at any time.

The business requirements for the tax statements are developed and tested together with our partner PwC. PwC monitors developments and requirements in the respective countries and provides annual updates. This ensures that the tax statements always comply with the latest requirements and that bank customers can complete their tax returns as efficiently as possible.

In our unique service, we operate as a "one-stop-shop" vis-à-vis the customer bank. All the Avaloq modules used and the PwC service are an integral part of what we offer and do not have to be licensed or purchased separately. In addition, the technical 2nd level support by Confinale is also included in the scope of service.

Our Client Tax Reporting product is already being used successfully by several Avaloq banks and its country coverage is being expanded continuously.

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Fast and flexible production

Full integration with Avaloq means that tax statements can be generated both highly automatically as part of annual production and at any time at the touch of a button.

High quality standard

Our partnership with PwC ensures a high standard of quality. If desired, the tax statements can include a PwC quality seal (PwC stamp).


Confinale operates as the sole contractual partner vis-à-vis the bank. In addition to our maintenance and support services, services and modules from PwC resp. Avaloq are also included in the product range.

No media breaks

The product is installed and operated directly at the bank integrated in Avaloq. No connections to third-party systems are required. This ensures the best possible data security.

Detailed information

Further information on our Client Tax Reporting solution can be found in our factsheet and in the flyer of our partner PwC.