Bring emotions into your investment advisory & sales process

For a long time, the focus of investment advisory was on regulatory issues. The influence of themes and events on customer portfolios and customer preferences were hardly considered. But investors want to be actively advised and understand the impact of events such as the US elections or themes like climate change on their portfolios. Thanks to storytelling, the ”Investment Story Platform“ allows your bank’s own research view to flow into your investment advice in a comprehensible way. An investment story is based on research, fascinates, and arouses emotions. A new and personalised advisory experience for your clients is guaranteed!.




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Andreas Egli
Partner - Head of IT Consulting

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Why create stories?

Storytelling - or the art of storytelling - is also finding its way into wealth advisory. The investment proposals of intelligent algorithms and robo-advisors have become too abstract and opaque. Theme-based investing and thematic investing bring the stories back to the advisory table. Whether it's the effects of Brexit, the US election campaign, the rise of 5G or climate change - an investment story fascinates, arouses emotions and inspires investment.

Three building blocks to sales success


Risk/return-optimised, legally compliant, traceable and with industrialised portfolio construction. Asset allocation is adapted to the individual profile of the client, with due consideration of regulatory restrictions (cross-border rules, MiFID II & FIDLEG) when selecting products.


Global events, market trends or short-term opportunities are exciting events that your CIO office recognises early and captures as stories or imports them from third parties. These stories and their products are defined for specific target groups (e.g. age group, domicile, AuM, hobbies).


Using the stories, your wealth advisors will find suitable products for selected customers. Regulatory restrictions are checked automatically. After analysing the customer’s portfolio, the advisors can automatically invite customers for consultation and convince them with stories.

Smart functions to convince investors

The advantages of theme-based investing


The meeting with the relationship manager becomes an experience, and the proposal matches the customer profile. Thus, the relationship with and trust in the relationship manager and the bank are strengthened.


Investments in the research department and in relationship managers pay off. The bank can differentiate itself from the competition and clients experience real added value

Relationship manager

Inspire customers with personalised stories and explain the proposals in a well-founded and understandable manner: story-based consulting ensures long-term customer loyalty.

CIO Office

Collaboration with relationship managers is simplified and the bank's own investment strategy is implemented more consistently. Ideas reach the right target group.

"Stories strike right into the heart. Whether it's short-term market opportunities or long-term, trend-based investment strategies, all investments are based on real events, which we bring back to the customer dialogue with the Investment Story Platform. We are convinced that algorithms are irreplaceable, but today, and in the future, it is not algorithms that sell investment products, but good stories."

Andreas Egli, Confinale AG, Partner - Head of IT Consulting