Product Overview

Credit Portal

Confinale develops complete front-end solutions in the credit sector such as the credit initiation process. This includes an interactive questionnaire, uploading relevant customer documents and the review and approval process by the credit specialist. In addition, messages can be exchanged easily between the bank and its customer. The customer always has an overview of the entire process and the current status of his credit application. This remote process allows a hybrid advisory approach with the aim that the client advisor has complete credit documentation available for the first client meeting and can already provide the client with a concrete offer.

Contact person:

Roland Staub

Contact now

Can be used at any time

The customer can formulate and document his credit needs at any time and remotely.

Less manual work

Less work for the credit back office by delegation of the documentation tasks to the customer.


The customer has complete transparency over the credit process and knows exactly what is still outstanding.

Faster response times

The highly automated process allows a much faster processing of a credit application all the way to the credit offer.