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Quite a challenge

Zurich, Oct 2019

Recruitment in the field of IT consulting and software development is a challenge. The shortage of top-class IT and BA specialists, is even more evident in Switzerland than in other European countries. As a rapidly growing, dynamic company, Confinale not only relies on recruitment but also on providing great development opportunities to exisiting employees. Suzana Eberle, Confinale's HR manager, addresses some of most frequently asked HR questions.

Suzana Eberle, how does Confinale deal with the above discussed recruitment challenge?

Recruitment lies at the heart of Confinale. Our ambitious growth strategy requires a corresponding need for talented and satisfied employees. The selection of finding the right applicant is intense and exciting. We must be aware that our reputation as an employer is critical to effective recruitment. This is where we at Confinale invest, and where in the end, we see it paying off.

What in particular do you look out for in the first stages of recruitment?

Essentially, I look at the totality of the CV; it’s attached documents, and expect a well-structured layout. The letter of motivation also provides me an important indication of the sincerity of the applicant. Has the applicant really delved deeper into the company and the position? If applicants show a high-level of ambition, this is certainly also an advantage.

Is there a required ‘technical know-how’ for a software developer or business analyst at Confinale?

Yes absolutely; depending on the role in question. For young applicants, we pay particular attention to whether they have a good degree; taking a look at their grades and selecting graduates that stand out from the rest. Many successful applications hold degrees in computer science, physics or mathematics. In our industry it is important that candidates have an affinity and interest in programming. Quieter individuals should express their willingness to develop their presentation techniques and delivery.

Which soft factors are important when working at Confinale?

People skills are important in our line of work. We are looking for conscientious, reliable, but at the same time pragmatic employees who are willing to compromise. People who take on responsibility and show decisiveness. The projects are our priority, for which we support each other. There is no such thing as a stupid question and mistakes should be dealt with honestly and transparently.

How do you rate the fluctuation rate at Confinale in comparison with the industry?

Very low by industry standards. The needs of the employees are taken into account. The fact that personal and professional development is actively and individually promoted also plays a role. The regular team events are also enjoyed by employees.

What are the elements that make a job at Confinale incomparable to any other?

The employee very much sets the rate at which he/she wants to develop. A job at Confinale is a platform to learn and develop. What they do with it is up to them. It is very exciting time to be part of a young company that has grown enormously since it was founded in 2012.

Where can applicants directly interact with Confinale?

We regularly attend trade fairs, usually around the spring and autumn time.  Where you have the opportunity to meet and chat  with our current software developers and business analysts.


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